New lamps

New collections of lamps from the Irregolare Studio brand

Irregolare Studio Design is a brand of lighting and home accessories founded in 2013 from an idea of ​​two friends: Nicolò Zavagno and Mauro Ferrandi.

Irregolare Studio Design works mainly on the delicate relationship between useful and accessible design. Suggestive suspensions, elegant interplay of materials and lights and refined geometries that bring new trends and shapes to life.

At a time when globalization is key, their collections are distinguished by their ideas, their quality and their deep, almost obsessive attention to detail.

An example of this collection is Hypnose, a sphere entirely made of glass by designer Mauro Ferrandi. Without a doubt, the purity and simplicity of its structure mesmerizes and invites to create suggestive and enchanting games and cascades of light. The final effect is made even more spectacular if the wires are hung at different heights, creating a unique and unexpected dynamism.

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