A summer in Corsica

Interior Design in Corsica

Located right by the sea, along a picturesque coastal road dotted with villas and luxury hotels near the Corsican capital. “Casa Santa Teresa” has beautiful views of the Gulf of Ajaccio that the architect Amelia Tavella elegantly framed throughout the house. The formerly dilapidated house of the 1950s still illustrates a modernist purity that reflects the spirit of the original building, and wrapped in well-designed natural materials, the property is imbued with a timeless sensitivity that embodies the essence of life. summer.

Composed of four floors, the two lower housing the living areas and the two upper private accommodation, the whitewashed building faces the sea, with the interiors spilling out onto the outside through a series of terraces and balconies. Due to its ruinous condition, the house had to be reconstructed in depth, with many interior walls demolished to create more spacious and fluid interiors.
The all-white muted interiors are complemented by a sparse selection of wooden furniture. natural materials such as wooden tables, rattan chairs and wicker light fixtures, while orange and blue striped pillows add pops of color.

Source: designaddicts